About us


PAPAYA is a Ukrainian brand of women's clothing of the new generation. We don't replicate the past or predict the future; we exist in the "here and now," transmitting it to all of Ukraine. PAPAYA is not just a brand; it's a lifestyle that has gathered a massive community through its image on social media and collaborations with thought leaders. Together with you, we are creating a new philosophy of beauty on the streets of Ukrainian cities.


In 2008, a new brand was born in Chernivtsi: we opened a small shop with just 20 square meters of space. In 2010, we realized that we had room to grow and rented a premises on Heavenly Hundred Street, where our first sign with the name PAPAYA appeared. There are no mysteries or intriguing stories behind the name; it simply emerged at the intersection of youth, curiosity, and freshness. Additionally, PAPAYA translates well and is easily written in many languages. Today, PAPAYA consists of 7 stores where you can visit us in Chernivtsi, Lviv, Ternopil, and Ivano-Frankivsk. We also have an online store where our managers communicate with customers every day, answering hundreds of inquiries via direct messages and on the website, and packaging orders that reach girls from all corners of the world.

But the company's expansion goes beyond geography; it also focuses on quality by attracting the best talent to its team. Today, the PAPAYA Team consists of over 60 individuals, including employees of the offline retail network, consultants, marketers, financiers, designers, and production technologists. Drops and collections are created by experts with technical education as well as the creative team's efforts. Our creators are total aesthetes who live by beauty and do everything to surround you with it.

In our 11 years in the market, we have managed to create over 600 models of basic clothing items, footwear, and accessories, collaborate with designers and thought leaders, and organize numerous events and workshops. But we don't stop there.


Our goal is to make every Ukrainian woman happy. To achieve that, we not only keep our finger on the pulse of global trends, but we also leverage technological innovations and listen to every feedback you provide. This philosophy has shaped the direction of our development and underlies every new collection, capsule, and drop. We take pride in our trendy and eco-friendly achievements that make your look perfect. PAPAYA strives to make Ukrainian products accessible to every fashion enthusiast, from schoolgirls to successful businesswomen.

The thoughts and ideas of our designers, inspired by studying global trends and your needs, find their reflection in new clothing collections. The models are influenced by fashion trends, Ukrainian nature, and the culture of big cities. But as much as we love history, we love the present even more. That's why all PAPAYA garments feature contemporary cuts, attention to detail, and originality in every line.


The brand is created in Ukraine, and over 90% of our production is made in factories located in different corners of our country. The PAPAYA team controls the production process of each collection from the moment the threads are spun to packaging and placing the finished product on the store shelf. Even during challenging times of war, we work together with you for victory, assisting the army, supporting the economy, and uplifting the morale of Ukrainians.


We create ready-made capsules and looks so that customers don't have to think about their daily outfit but always look stylish. When presenting new collections, our designers carefully consider every detail and act as online stylists for thousands of Ukrainian girls. That's why all our garments mix perfectly with each other, allowing for countless unique outfits even with previously purchased items. The PAPAYA brand attracts those who love trends and those who wear basic clothing, business ladies rushing to meetings, and girls sipping matcha in a café. You can find it in the wardrobes of fashion influencers and your friends. PAPAYA is about you and your personality.


Quality is our separate pride. This applies to both content and perfectionism in every product, from buttons to tags. To achieve this, we have our own quality department that carefully inspects each item, even wrapping it up if there is a barely noticeable defect. We meticulously select raw materials for all categories of products, giving preference not only to quality but also to ecological considerations.

By the way, let's talk about ecology. Today, each of us must act responsibly, which is why PAPAYA has been mindful of its impact on the environment since its inception. As the company grew, we began to realize the amount of waste being generated. That's why we order products without packaging and always instruct our contractors not to pack the finished goods in synthetic individual bags.

Moreover, the PAPAYA team has launched its own project to support the Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve, which temporarily fell under enemy occupation. "Coordinates of My Heart" (#kmc) is not just the name of the project; we truly left a piece of our hearts there. We are constantly searching for recycled and eco-friendly materials for our mass-produced collections. However, we are fully aware that there is still room for growth in this direction! #EcoAware is the new consumption philosophy from PAPAYA.

With PAPAYA, fashionable clothing is accessible to everyone. We are always open to cooperation, partnerships, and collaborations. Every day, we take another step forward towards our main goal: to make every Ukrainian woman happy! MADE IN UKRAINE.